Sunday, June 26, 2005

Band Changes

The link for the band will stay up for a little while more, even if I am no longer really with the band. They decided to go for a male singer in addition to Janice, to add more variety to their songlist. I was fairly unnecessary anyway, so I'm only going to sing with the band as a "guest appearance" at the block party in July. Should still be fun. Since the change, I miss going to band practice, but it's kind of a relief because I was anxious about what my role with the band was really going to be. So here's wishing them well in the future.

Work is going ok... on Friday a guy called me needing a ticket for a plane that was leaving in 20 minutes... that was stressful. I have no idea if the guy actually caught the flight or not, but he had a ticket issued before it left. My confidence in answering calls is slowly coming along, but I can easily be frustrated by what I still don't know. I try to stay calm, though, because I really annoy myself when I freak out about things.

The good thing about working till 7:30 is that the phones REALLY slow down, and plus I'm getting paid a shift differential of 10% for the time I work after 6:00. It's not much, but hey... it's more! :)



Blogger Jenni said...

i hear you. the new job thing is just really hard.

7/08/2005 1:22 AM  

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