Monday, May 09, 2005

First Day Report

Me: "I'm the youngest, most inexperienced person in the training class... I look like such an idiot!"
Stephanie: "Well, if they all have 13 years of experience more than you and they're in the SAME JOB AS YOU, I think YOU'RE the one who's coming out ahead here!"

Hee hee. Thanks, Steph. :) Anyways, my first day was ok. Once I entered the building and found my group, everything was pretty much smooth sailing from there. We got a tour of the office (it's like a huge cube maze) and saw the break room (6 microwaves! 5 vending machines!), and we were introduced to several people around the office, though not nearly all, since there's about 100 people who work there. I got lost a couple of times in the office. But hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to find my way around... :)

So for the next three or four weeks, I'll be sitting in a classroom behind a computer, learning Sabre. (Hmm, this is familiar...) There are a bunch of other programs that they want to train us on as well, and we'll also have to do a week or two of on-the-job training (OJT). I won't actually be on the floor for another month at least. It's quite an extensive training program, but I guess they want to make SURE that we know what we're doing before we start working on our own. I can't wait until I am confident enough in this job to work on my own. I don't have a cube yet and I'm sure I won't until I actually start working. So for now, it's hard to feel any sense of belonging, since right now all I have is a seat in a classroom, but it can only get better.

I found myself actually missing my old job at times... :) At least the feeling of belonging to a group and having friends around. It may be awhile before this place feels like that, because of the really long orientation/training period, with people who are all older than me... But for now I should just concentrate on learning this job as best I can, so that later I'll feel more comfortable to socialize and feel more confident in what I do.

Back at it again tomorrow...



Anonymous tanya said...

Steph had a really great point. You're going to be awesome, and I hope you love it, love it, love it!

5/10/2005 10:51 AM  

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