Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Back Home

Jax seemed to be a lot better when I visited him at the vet. He had an IV in his little paw and another cone collar on, because apparently within 10 minutes after the vet put it in, he started trying to chew it out. When I came in, he started getting all excited and whining because he wanted me to take him home... awww. :) So I held him for a little while and he seemed to have a little spunk back. So that's good. Apparently the IV helped a little. When I had to put him back in the cage, he started crying and trying to crawl back into my arms... poor little thing. My sister picked him up at closing time, and now he's back at home... so we'll see how he does tonight. Now he's got some fluids in him, and hopefully that will last him the night. I'm bringing him back in the morning to put him on the IV again. Hopefully he'll get back up to the point where he can actually start eating and drinking again. That's our goal. If seems to only function on the IV, there's a more serious underlying problem, and the only way to find it is the ultrasound, which I'm still not all that sure I want to do. So anyways. For now he seems to be better, and I'm happy about that.

Thank you, everyone, so much for all your prayers and support. I felt pretty calm today given the circumstances, so I think they are helping. Oftentimes I forget to take time to pray about problems. I'll have to try to do that more often.



Blogger Dirty Gypsy said...

I'm glad to hear that he seems better. That's fantastic. I can't wait to see him on Friday! :)

12/02/2004 8:14 AM  

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