Thursday, December 30, 2004

Crossing Fingers!

Remember back in November, when I interviewed with Clipper Cruise Line, they told me I'd be better suited for the Passenger Sales Rep position rather than the Coordinator position I was interviewing for? Well, I just saw on the website that the PSR position is apparently open. EEK! How long has that been posted?? I panicked a little, wondering if I should drive over there on my lunch break to drop off my résumé, but today is a jeans day and I'm not really dressed appropriately to walk into their office as a candidate for employment. So I decided to e-mail HR, and ask if my résumé was still on file (sending an updated version just in case). We will see what happens.

I feel as though I have bungled a lot of things in my quest for employment with this company. Last time I forgot to send a follow-up letter. That is such a faux-pas that I should have avoided, given my current line of work. (I help other people get jobs... I should know this stuff!!!) My first interview with them in February of this year was not the best. I was actually planning on sending them a letter sometime soon, to say that I was still interested in the PSR position should it ever open, and now it is. Gaahh. Hope they still give me a chance!! I've got some training under my belt now, plus an awesome reference in my teacher, so hopefully that will help me.... like I said, fingers crossed!!



Blogger Dirty Gypsy said...

Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed - whatever helps!! :)

Good luck!!

12/30/2004 2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck! (Crossing fingers...)


12/31/2004 10:12 PM  

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