Friday, October 28, 2005

Home at Last

I'm back in St. Louis and spending my day in my apartment. :) Ok first I should run down the last day in NYC...

Well Wednesday morning I boarded the train for NYC and spent a nice four hours looking at pretty New England towns again. It was a nice day (because my travel days were nice days, not the days I spent sightseeing) so I had some nice views. Julia had to work when I got back, so I killed time visiting the Museum of Natural History looking at dinosaurs. I don't think I'd ever seen dinosaurs before so that was cool. Finally Julia and I met up at a small café and she gave me directions to the theatre where I was seeing "Movin' Out" and we agreed to meet up after our shows (she was seeing something off Broadway). But since there were about two hours between then and the show, she suggested I just hang out in the Starbucks around the corner for awhile, which I did.

"Movin' Out" was a pretty good show. It was fun hearing the old Billy Joel songs and seeing the dancing. The play itself was different... no dialogue (or hardly any of it). It just let the songs tell the story. Pretty cool.

So then Julia and I met at the Starbucks I was at earlier, and then we went back to her place. I got packed and went to bed, and then yesterday morning got up at 6, got ready and walked my crap all the way down Church Avenue to catch the subway. Caught the plane, met up with my dad, went to lunch at Steak and Shake, and spent most of the rest of the day at my parents' house doing laundry.

I particularly enjoyed the part in my car again, singing my head off to my music again. :)

Now I have two days to take it easy before going to work on Sunday, then I have Monday off, then I have two days of training, and then it's the weekend again. Still have some time before things totally return to normal. And then it's the countdown to the holidays. :)

I need to buy a new phone charger though. I think I left mine at Ju's. And I need to make a photo album of my pictures so I can show them off. :)



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