Thursday, October 20, 2005

First Day in NYC

I made it by myself to New York City, all the way to Julia's subway station. I'm pretty proud of myself, being as directionally-challenged as I am, normally. Julia met me at the station and we walked to her apartment, which is pretty cute. Now we're just relaxing before we go have dinner... Mexican tonight. Mmmmm.

This morning, however, I was just a total wreck... I couldn't eat all of my muffin that the stewardess gave me on the first flight because my stomach was doing flip flops. But I was surprisingly calm when we landed at LaGuardia. Probably because by then I was so tired. But anyways I got off the plane, called Ju, found the Q33 bus, took it (almost) to the end, walked to the subway station (which wouldn't have been such a walk if I had gotten off at the CORRECT bus station, but I digress) and hopped the subway to her street. Not so bad at all. What was I so scared for, right?? :)

Tomorrow I am going to try to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on my own, then Julia is going to meet me after I get done with that and we'll go see some more sights together. She has a friend who has a VIP pass to go up into the Empire State Building, so how awesome is that? We don't have to wait in line. :) We already have tickets to musicals for next Wednesday (she's seeing some Irish drama, perfectly befitting her, and I am seeing "Movin Out"), totally excited for that. I can't believe already I have Broadway tickets. :) Saturday we're going to Central Park and some other stuff. And of course Sunday I leave for Boston. Little nervous for that but it might be really fun to go by myself. It was pretty cool riding the subway by myself here, so maybe it'll be cool there as well. We'll see.

So anyways, I guess we're going to dinner soon and then I don't know what later... maybe meet up with some friends of hers. Fun times. Will update more later!



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