Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Weekend

(I wish I was better at coming up with creative titles.)

I had a pretty nice weekend. Other than the fact that I couldn't fall asleep Saturday night, it was very relaxing. I spent all day Saturday cleaning, and had the evening to myself to spend a little time online and finish reading "Dragon's Lair" by Sharon Kay Penman. I am meeting her next week at a book signing, so now I'm all set. :)

Well, one of our Easter traditions had to come to a close... our usual brunch place, Casa Gallardo (yes, they always did a huge brunch on Easter), was closed up, so we had to go somewhere else. We ended up just having breakfast at Bob Evan's, but it was pretty fun. Then we went home and watched NCAA basketball playoffs all afternoon (that Michigan/Kentucky game got pretty exciting, but didn't have the outcome we were hoping for), and then had a giant ham dinner at around 7:00 with strawberry shortcake for dessert. YUM. I'm all fooded out today. :)

Except I do plan to go to Schnucks and raid what's left of the Easter candy...



Blogger Craig J. said...

I'm bummed I didn't get to see you guys yesterday. We were kinda hoping to swing by and get a look at the Clinton library while we were in Little Rock on Sunday, but we decided we really wanted to get on the road so we took off at about 11:30 and made it back to Columbia by about 6:30. I was way too tired to try to drive in at that point, and wouldn't have hardly any time to visit anyway. Well I hope the usual Easter festivities were fun. I need to go find me a chocolate bunny before they're all sold out .. maybe I'll go grab one and a few Cadbury creme eggs on my way home tonight ..

3/28/2005 1:36 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Mmmmmm... Cadbury... creme eggs... I've also become obsessed with Orange Creme Marshmallow Peep Eggs. I've been on a marshmallow kick lately. "Maarrshhh-malllowwww.." :)

Yeah, we would've liked to hear from you. We left Mom and Dad's at 9:00, so yeah, that wouldn't have been enough time. Have you talked to Mike yet?

3/28/2005 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am waiting patiently for a post about the pope's passing. I think an interesting and creative title for that post would be "The Pope Is Dead" or "The Pope Died." Please don't dissapoint your loyal blog readers are missing out on your chance to deliver your take on a timely event as a young Catholic woman!

P.S. Did you ever find 'The History of Britain?' Discs 2 and 3 rock!

4/04/2005 11:37 PM  

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