Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Back to School!

It's the first day of school for this semester! Tonight I'm going to my class on cruises. That'll be really fun, I think. I wonder how much of the same crowd from the last class will be in this one... possibly quite a few of them, so it won't feel too different. It's in the same classroom at least, and might even be taught by the same teacher. (He told us last semester that he probably wouldn't be doing it, but his name is on the schedule, so who knows. He could get someone new at the last minute.) So not a lot of change. Except that this class is about half the length of the last one! The last one started at 5:30 and went until 9:50; this one is over at 7:40. Yay!

Tomorrow I have my first morning class ever at this college. It's "Introduction to Hospitality." Should be easy.

I only wish I would've bought my books already for these classes. I don't know why I always forget books. Maybe I'll just get them from the bookstore before class tonight. But then I end up paying a LOT more than I would on Amazon... oh well.



Blogger Dirty Gypsy said...

Wow - 5:30 til 7:40? That's MUCH better. Awesome.

I might allow a tad bit more time to find a parking spot for your morning class. There tend to be more people on campus during the day. At least here there are.

I never buy my books before going to the first class. I've always found that it's better to figure out that the instructor doesn't actually require certain books, or whatever, than returning them after you've bought them. And that's happened more than a few times, actually.

In any case, have fun! I hope there are some uh...interesting people in your new classes... :)

1/18/2005 3:15 PM  

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