Sunday, October 10, 2004

Game 3

Alright, so far my prediction is correct (that the Cardinals will take this series in 4 games). The Dodgers took Game 3, 4-0. Kinda bummed that we couldn't score at least one run in this game, allowing José Lima to get the shutout, but it's ok. We'll bounce back and get 'em tomorrow. Tune in if you can! It'll be a party! :)

Other scores : Astros beat the Braves 8-5 (they lead the series 2-1), Yankees beat the Twins 6-5 in 11 innings (they won the series 3-1.. blah), and Boston eliminated Anaheim 8-6, winning the series 3-0 (so there we go, a Boston-NY out!).

It's getting exciting, folks! Be sure to tune in again later to your Open Seas Sports Desk, giving you the latest from the world of MLB Playoffs!! GO CARDS!!!!! :)



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