Monday, July 06, 2009

R is for Rainbow Cake

A woman I work with has a part-time gig baking cakes. So we liked to discuss cake-baking between us, and she had lots of good advice to offer me when I made my lemon-raspberry cake for Easter. One day I was browsing around online and came across this beautiful rainbow cake:

I sent her the link saying, "do you think you could make this cake??" And she was all about it. She wouldn't stop talking about it.

So when we had our baby shower for our coworker (the one that I baked the Maple Cornbread for), she decided to try it out. Here is her version:

I have to say that even though she didn't get the order of colors right, the cake still tasted quite amazing. Each layer has its own flavor (red=raspberry, yellow=lemon, green=lime, purple=blackberry, and so on) and it was frosted with a white chocolate icing. The link says baking this cake will make you think you baked up a dessert of Fruit Loops, with each fruity flavor that goes into it. I just wonder if I would ever be brave enough to take on a baking project like that... you have to create 6 different-flavored layers for this!

Or, I could opt for Baking Bites' much simpler Rainbow Cupcakes:

They're pretty darn cute as well.

(I thought it was fitting to do a cake post for today, as it is my sister's 30th birthday today. She doesn't read this blog, but Happy Birthday, Jen!)



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