Monday, June 15, 2009

A is for Apple

There's something rustic and homey about an apple dessert, like apple crisp. They're everywhere in the summertime, particularly around the Fourth of July. I have never made my own before, and the Fourth is coming up, so maybe I will try one out of my own to serve at work or for a family gathering. I have a perfect stoneware dish that it should look nice and pretty in. :) And of course I won't forget the vanilla ice cream!

Cakespy did an interesting post a couple weeks ago about all the different varieties of fruit desserts and their strange names... ever heard of a "pandowdy" or a "slonker"?? Me neither! But it's fun to learn about the cultural traditions behind these fruit creations.

Another use for apples in baking is using applesauce as a substitute for oil or eggs in recipes. I have made some pretty tasty muffins using this technique, but Baking Bites recently posted a recipe using applesauce to make a low-fat chocolate cake. Now THAT I gotta try...I hope it is as moist and delicious as a regular chocolate cake!



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