Monday, June 15, 2009


Well of course I didn't win the United tickets. So it doesn't look like Open Seas will be hitting the open skies or the open road anytime soon... unless I decide to pull together some trip for my week of vacation over my birthday, but I have no plans as of yet.

So I'm going to occupy this blog with another love of mine, sweet treats. I love baking and my coworkers are even starting to ask me when am I going to bring in the next baked treat into the office, so I seem to have a tiny bit of a fan base, or so I like to think... :) So I'm going to do a baking version of an ABC blog for awhile, where I post ideas, recipes, and pictures of sweets I have baked or want to try out sometime. Should be fun.

Most of my inspirations come from Baking Bites, Cakespy, and My Baking Addiction, with maybe a few pulled from Recipe Goldmine, but I guess ideas can come from anywhere, if I think of something specific I want to do and just do a Google search for it.

Well we'll see how it goes... let the yumminess ensue! :)



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