Monday, June 08, 2009

Vacation Bug Bites Again

I am *NOT* holding my breath, but I entered to win two free United Airlines tickets at work. They were supposed to announce the winner today, and I am announcement-less, so I assume I didn't get them, unless there is an email waiting for me at work. Again. NOT holding my breath.

But it would be super cool. I'd take my sister to NYC, the week of my birthday, because I already have that week off. I have a super awesome friend we could stay with. We'd go to the Statue of Liberty and THIS time I won't miss out on the museum in the base of the statue. We'd probably see a show or two on Broadway. And I'd totally hit up this restaurant. It would be SO FUN.

So fun, in fact, I just had to look up and see how much tickets to NYC are right now for that week, since I most likely won't win the tickets and will have to buy them instead if I really want to go... American was offering them for $259.20 for roundtrip to LGA. Soooo tempting........ but my sister probably won't bite if the tickets aren't free.

So right now I have that week off with no plans. What to do? I can't just sit at home for a week! Well... I easily COULD. But I SHOULDN'T.

It'll be the dog days of summer, so Phoenix doesn't sound too appealing... heading north sounds better... but of course, it's summer, so traveling anywhere will be more expensive... agh. Going to think about this a bit!



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