Monday, June 15, 2009

B is for Banana

Today's selection is another delicious fruit to bake with... banana cream pie is my dad's favoritest dessert ever, so I need to learn to bake this from scratch for him. Would be good for Father's Day this weekend perhaps... if I get the time! Of course mine would be done with a vanilla wafer crust with vanilla wafers garnishing the top. :)

I have also experimented with banana bread in the past as well... I have made Banana Cream Cheese Bread that turned out pretty well, as well as Nonfat Banana Muffins using applesauce as the liquid (as I mentioned in the previous post!). But an idea that looks too delicious to pass up is Baking Bites' Peanut Butter Swirl Banana Bread, made with bananas, peanut butter, and cream cheese. I gotta try that out sometime!

And one more idea for banana bread: BANANA BREAD FRENCH TOAST.

Behold the Tower of Awesome.

Edited to add: I am making the banana cream pie pictured above for Father's Day. Just finished the batch of custard and it smells delicious. Wanted to take a spoon to it, but will save it for the pie. Decided to just use regular crust instead of vanilla wafer...going to keep it basic. Am finishing the pie up tomorrow and we'll indulge on Sunday... can't wait! Will try to remember to take a picture!



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