Thursday, October 09, 2008

Returned from Phoenix

Phoenix was a good trip. We spent some good time together going to the zoo, eating wonderful meals together (my sister-in-law is an AMAZING cook), watching videos, and the boys and Mike and I even went to see the Chronicles of Narnia exhibit at the Arizona Science Center, which was super cool. I think the kids warmed up to me pretty well while I was out there, which will make their visit in December even more fun, that they'll remember me being out there and we'll get to bond quicker. It can take awhile to warm up to little kids when you've been away so long.

Brandon, who's 8 years old, drew a picture of me that I now have hanging on my fridge. On the back he wrote "Love Brandon." I love it. Ryan read a whole story to me called "The Squire's Scroll" that I liked a lot. He's a very good reader for a 7-year-old! When Emma, who's 4, broke my rubber band, she was sweet enough to loan me her very prettiest blue rubber band with sparkles on it for me to use when I wash my face. So sweet. Oh and we painted our fingernails together too. Claire and I did lots of puzzles together... she's pretty good at them actually, for being just 2 years old. And I spent time with my newest nephew, John (10 mos), and my arms are actually still a bit sore from holding him (just not used to babies I guess!). But it's a good sore, definitely. :)

I had to pull out some of my rusty old daycare skills for being around that many kids sometimes when Theresa and Mike were out of the room, but they listened to me and respected me. That was good. On the first day I was there, I kept thinking "MAN I'm glad I don't have to live with this EVERY DAY!" But by the end I was starting to think that I could maybe get used to it after awhile. They definitely grow on you. :)



Blogger Larry said...

Kids are great. I like it when I know they are not mine. :P

10/13/2008 7:26 AM  

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