Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Planning Oregon

What child of the 80s didn't love The Goonies??? Not any that I know. Part of our Oregon trip will include exploring Astoria, where the cult classic was filmed. You can see several Goonie locations, such as the Goonie house (where Mikey and Brand lived), the Flavel House (which is the museum where Mikey's dad was hanging the flag while the kids rode by on their bikes), and Cannon Beach with the famous "rock that fits the doubloon" (even though it's about 45 minutes out of Astoria). No pirate ships, unfortunately. :) But it will still be fun.

Other highlights of our trip will include Newport and the Oregon Aquarium, the redwoods, Crater Lake National Park, and Portland. We're going to visit some wineries, and even this cheese place. And if we're in the mood for some weirdness/creepiness, we've talked about visiting the Oregon Vortex, and maybe explore the Portland Underground. Pretty full itinerary... I'm so ready to hit the road already!



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