Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dream Itineraries

The great thing about my line of study is that I can get whisked away in dreams and fairy tales just doing my homework. Today I was reading about Germany, and the wonderful regions of it such as the Black Forest, the Castle Road, Rhineland, The Romantic Road, and of course, my favorite, Bavaria. According to the author of my book, it has the best-preserved medieval town in all of Europe, Rothenburg. Does this sound like my ideal European Continent vacation, or what??

I have been putting together itineraries in my head of places in Europe I want to go... I imagined I would fly into Munich and explore Bavaria, then go to Vienna and Salzburg, then to Switzerland, then explore northern Italy and perhaps ending my trip in Rome. Now, I would like to concentrate more time on Germany, and I will be hopefully doing a Rome trip next year with my family, so I'm breaking up that itinerary a bit. Now I'd like to do Germany maybe as a separate trip, unless I have enough time to add Vienna, Salzburg, and one or two towns in Switzerland (Lucerne, most likely). I could possibly do Austria and Switzerland in one trip. Another trip I want to do all on its own is Greece, and hop all those islands in the Aegean Sea. So that's now... three or four separate trips I am planning to take someday.

Will I eventually have the time and money to do all of these? If I want it bad enough, there's no stopping me! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm...some of those destinations sound familiar. Where, oh, where might you have gotten some of those ideas? ;)


3/29/2006 5:45 PM  
Blogger Dirty Gypsy said...

I know that you want to visit all those places in Germany just because you saw how much fun my mom's thumb was having in all of her vacation photos that time! Jealous! :)

I think that would be amazing...

3/30/2006 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want some company for that vacation to Greece? ;-)


4/04/2006 1:46 PM  

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