Monday, February 14, 2005

One More Day All On My Own

(The subject is a quote from Les Misérables, which I saw this weekend, and I also thought was fitting for Valentines Day today... Eponine's my GIRL!)

After six times, it still has yet to get old for me. I love Les Misérables. I love the spirituality inherent throughout the plot and its message of hope even in death at the end. It seems to me to be a very Catholic show, because it is the Bishop who saves Valjean in the beginning, and other images can be seen throughout, such as the sign of the cross and the nuns attending to Fantine in the hospital and again to Marius later in the play. That is probably just my interpretation of it, but that contributes to why it is such a meaningful show for me. Not to mention the actor who played Jean Valjean (Randal Keith) is one of the most talented out there... I *ALMOST* teared up while he was singing "Take Me Home" at the end of it. What a gorgeous voice. All the other actors were wonderful as well. Although I'm a bit spoiled having gotten to see the show in London and seeing Barry James play Thénardier (he's also the same guy on my CD recording of it). No other actor compares to him in that role, I think!

And like I said, Eponine's my girl. She practically represents the story of my (non) love-life. Which brings us to today: A plague on this holiday! And I know she'd say the same thing! Hee hee.

The rest of my weekend was good. Went dancing Friday night, saw Javier Mendoza Band on Saturday night (and I bought their latest album and had the whole band sign it. I'm such a groupie. Hee hee). Yesterday I watched the Grammys with a couple of friends and made dinner for them as well. I love playing hostess.

I gotta do better on this blog than just basically using it for "weekend updates"...



Anonymous tanya said...

Dude. You know Victor Hugo was a total athiest, right?

That's what always strikes me as strange. Okay, so he didn't write the musical, but whatever. And maybe he wasn't an athiest, but he was something like that. Not really the religious type.

Strange, considering how much theology is in his work.

Glad you had a good time at the show. I was really upset to have to miss it. But then I got into grad school, so the spouse is off the hook. He's soooo damn lucky i got that phone call last week, let me tell you!

2/14/2005 11:28 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

YOU'RE a groupie? Please. LOL. That's great though. Matter of Time is an awesome album. Isn't that song called Bring Him Home? Eh, I don't know anything. But I DO know that if that's the guy who has been touring and coming to the Fox for several years, then I saw him as well. He was better than the guy on Broadway and I TOTALLY cried when he hit that money note at the end of that song. That's the BEST part of the show.

2/16/2005 3:15 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Yeah, I have really enjoyed listening to Matter of Time. Good stuff. I feel like I already know most of the songs. :)

It's called "Bring Him Home" when he sings it first, but at the end of the show it's "Take Me Home," which is sad yet sweet because he's praying to God to take him to heaven. Quite tearjerking. and yeah I'm sure you're thinking of the same guy. He is just incredible. I think he used to be on Broadway. And I am also pretty sure he is better than the guy I saw in London because I don't even remember that guy.

2/16/2005 3:22 PM  
Blogger Kristi said...

"Bring Him Home" did get the longest applause out of all of the songs though... :) just gorgeous.

2/16/2005 3:34 PM  

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