Monday, January 31, 2005

Blog Outage

Having some blog problems... my page isn't loading for some reason, it just comes up as a blank page. So I'm posting just to see if it fixes it.

May as well talk about my weekend then, huh? Well Friday night I went to the Family Arena to see the Missouri River Otters take on the Quad City Mallards (ok the duck in their logo is totally Plucky Duck.) and of course the River Otters won, causing Kristen to hide under her coat in dismay. :) After that we consolidated cars at Tracie's, and headed off for the Pepper Lounge downtown, so that Kristen and Tracie could check out their favorite DJ again. Dancing was going on in the back room, but the music kind of sucked so we went back up to the front to listen to their DJ some more and we formed our own dancing circle. Kinda fun. I crashed at Tracie's Friday night and slept till 11:30 the next day, and we went and got breakfast at our favorite little coffee shop. I have become a huge fan of chai, let me tell you. Oh wow. Need to get some of that stuff for myself. Anyways. Then I went home and showered and Tracie picked me up again to head out to West County Mall to buy our tickets for Les Misérables. (I'm seeing it again, yay!! For only the sixth time! Hehe.) Then we left to go to another mall, St. Louis Mills, so that Tracie could look for computer speakers and boots. Met up with Kristen there. Shopped for a couple hours (I had no money, so really couldn't shop) and then left to meet their friend Joe at his apartment. They met Joe a while back, but this was my first time meeting him. Wow, I've never seen an apartment with more CDs in it. Joe is also a DJ, so he did some spinning for us. Quite interesting. Anyways I went home around 2:30. Went to my parents' house on Sunday morning to do laundry, watched news about the Iraq vote, and my sister came over a bit later, did my taxes, and then I had to leave to go see Kristen sing with Javier Mendoza at Immacolata, which was très cool. Very cool to see Javi lead a church congregation, and this was also Tracie's first Catholic Mass experience. :) After Mass we got dinner at St. Louis Bread Company and then went to Kristen's and watched a movie with her friend Jason. Fun times.

Now you all know EXACTLY what I did this weekend! Aren't you so enlightened? :) And now, I'm here. So maybe I should start acting like it and do something productive... hope this blog will work now! (yay! It did!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

glad you're back with a working blog! i was just about to e-mail you (or just talk through the cubicle wall) to see what was going on with the blog. but then i decided to try one more time before i asked, and there it was! sounds like a great weekend.

1/31/2005 9:15 AM  
Blogger Kristen said...

Good summary. Good weekend.

1/31/2005 11:48 AM  

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