Friday, November 23, 2007

A Mom-and-Me Trip?

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. The food seemed better-than-average and we had about 10 different desserts, one of which was the pumpkin cheesecake I baked, which turned out pretty awesome. (It was the Cheesecake Factory's own recipe, so of course it was spectacular.) Had a great time bonding with everyone.

And, my mom told me that the cruise described in my last post isn't very practical for my dad, since October is really a crunch time for him (he works in finance and October is the end of the fiscal year)... so she suggested that she and I go together, just us.

How can I say no?? This may be her only chance to visit the Holy Land, not to mention a great travel experience for me (I still drool at the thought of getting to visit FIVE countries on THREE continents on ONE trip! On a cruise ship!!). I've never spent that much time with just my mom before. But I really should. It'd be a priceless experience for both of us.

Could this really really happen?? Well, I guess we'll know for sure when we put the deposit down on it...



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