Thursday, September 13, 2007


The company I invisioned myself moving on to, Intrav, is closing its doors and moving all its operations overseas. I hadn't given any serious thought to trying to get hired there any time recently, but with them leaving St. Louis forever, I feel sort of at a crossroads. Where AM I going from here? The company I work for now is probably the biggest player on the field in St. Louis, and seems to be drawing people to it from travel companies everywhere in droves, including people leaving Intrav. One new guy I talked to recently said that about 25% of his old small travel company left to come to my company, mainly because the benefits and employee treatment were so much better. So that makes me hesitant to leave my company. If people are flocking to get hired there, why would I want to leave??

If I stay with my company, how do I want to move up (or move laterally)? I'm not entirely sure what I want to do anymore. I used to want to get into leisure travel and start planning itineraries and tours. Which I'd still love to do, but the thought of leisure travel scares me to death because it's so sales- and commission-oriented. I'm not really sure I want to move up into management ranks at my company. I just don't see myself supervising people. I know I still want to have the opportunity to travel and get to know the world better. I am just more worried now than ever that my career will go stagnant and I won't know where to turn. Will have to do a lot more reflecting on this in the near future.

Anyway... my Yahoo pictures will soon be moved to Snapfish. Will let you know when that is complete.



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