Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 7: Leaving Rome

Alright, this is the last batch of Italy pictures I'm posting here. If you want to see more, I'm making an online album at Yahoo Photos. Here's the link.

Anyways, on to the last day. This will be short. We just packed up and had to be out of the apartment at 7:20 when Renzo was picking us up to go to the airport. After everything was packed, I took a few more pictures of the apartment for posterity's sake.

My bedroom


Stairwell leaving the apartment

We made a little stop before heading to the airport, at the top of the Gianicolo hill which has a fabulous view of the city.

Ok with the morning mist hanging over the city, it's kinda hard to see. The camera doesn't do it much justice though. It was cool being up there.

Or is it just mist??? Heeheehee.

Unlike the outbound flight, our departure was relatively smooth, besides the fact that our flight out of Rome was a little delayed, so we didn't have as much time to stand in customs line in JFK before making our flight back home to St. Louis. Once again, we had to practically run to the gate. But we made it ok.

On the plane ride home, I saw this cool "bridge" in the clouds. See if you can see it:

Ok that's it!!

Edited to add: Aw phoo. I was testing my links and the link to the Yahoo Photos may bring up a page saying that Yahoo Photos is closing as of September 07 and they are only allowing existing users to continue uploading photos. First I'm hearing of this...well that's still good for me. I'm gonna finish my album before they close it out. So if you get that page, try the link again and you should be able to get to it.

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