Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Day 3: Florence

Got up bright and early (ok maybe just early) to catch our bus in front of the Hotel Columbus at 6:15. It turned out to be just a shuttle to take us to the actual tour bus. He made another stop at a hotel and told us the Trevi Fountain was just around the corner, so we ran down to take a picture.

I loved the bus rides. On the way there our tour guide pointed out a magnificent valley, almost right as we were passing it. I fumbled with my camera and this is the only shot I got:

I tried to take another picture of it on the way back, but didn't see it. :(

Our first stop in Florence was at the Piazza Michelangelo, which offers a spectacular view of the city (this was one of my must-sees in my own little Florence itinerary I made for myself):

(I was mad the Duomo had scaffolding on it)

(more of the city and Ponte Vecchio, the cool lookin bridge)

Once in Florence, we were led to that tourist-trap leather store first, walking by the Chiesa de Santa Croce (Michelangelo and Galileo are buried here):

We had lunch at a restaurant called Fantasia, which was spaghetti, beef, peas, potatoes, and mocha ice cream for dessert. Then we were handed over to another tour guide for a walk-around the city through various piazzas and by fountains and statues and quaint streets.

Finally we got to the Duomo, but only got chances to take pictures of the exterior; we didn't get time to go in. :( HMPH. It's pretty impressive even from the outside though...

Our tour ended at the Accademie, which of course houses the most famous naked man in the world:

He's not just David, he's THE David. :) All 17 feet.

I took some more Tuscany countryside shots from the bus on the way home:

This is the medieval town of Orte, perched high on a rocky cliff.

Next day: Papal audience, Colosseum, and more!

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