Friday, October 22, 2004

World Series Bound!!

Cause I'm on my way, I can feel my ring comin'
It's the blood of a champion pumpin'
Deep inside my veins, too much pride to be runnin'
I'm-a get what I can, and more even if
My blood, my sweat, and my tears don't mean nothin'
It's the heart of a champion in me
-Nelly, "Heart of a Champion"

I need to get me a copy of that song... :) We're really going! Really going!! YEAH BABY!! WHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! OMG... OMG! OMG!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

I have another post to put up about my class last night, but I'll get to it later. For now, WHOOOOO!!!!!




Blogger Dirty Gypsy said...

I still can't believe it. I got goosebumps just reading this post. I told my brother last night, "This is the team that I will someday tell my kids about..."


10/22/2004 9:37 AM  
Blogger Craig J. said...

National League Champions is one thing .. woot! But the Series isn't over!! Save some confetti for when we beat the Red Sox.

I have to admit, if Houston won last night, it would have been a hilarious parallel to the presidential campaign .. Massachusetts versus Texas! I know who I would have rooted for.

But now that the Cards are top of the National League, I say WIPE THE FLOOR WITH THE SOX, CARDS!

10/22/2004 10:54 AM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Right now, I am just happy enough that we got there... I'm not thinking that far ahead just yet! :) And if Houston would have by some stretch of the imagination beat us last night, I would've been pulling for the Sox in the series. Sick of those damn bees, and I'm happy for what they did against the Yankees. But that's just me. :)

10/22/2004 10:59 AM  

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