Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Weekly Cookie?

I love cookies. Most of you know by now my love of all things cookie. I even love their name and it's one of my favorite things to say: cookie. Cookie. Cookie cookie cookie. (..."starts with C!")

Ok I've sung the praises of cookie enough... I would love to have the time to bake cookies at least once a week. I have, actually, for the past two weeks. Here is my batch of cookies from last week:

Vanilla Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies. I was happy that I was finally able to produce a batch of cookies that were nice and puffy, and I believe I achieved this by finally switching to real butter rather than using those crappy vegetable oil sticks. I also used half cake flour and half all-purpose, and this may also have helped with their texture. The batter also uses a package of vanilla instant pudding, and I'm not really sure what that did for these cookies, but nevertheless they were good. Also, I used milk chocolate chips, since darn it, I just think that's how chocolate should taste. None of this semi-sweet stuff.

And today, I was inspired to bake Baking Bites' version of Lemon Coolers, a retired Girl Scout cookie, partly because I had all the ingredients and it gave me a chance to use up some more of my cake flour and some cornstarch, and partly because lemon cookies are delicious. All I had to pick up at my last grocery store trip was lemon extract.

I think they turned out pretty successfully! They do taste a lot like the old Girl Scout cookies.

Will I have time to bake more cookies next week??? Here's hoping!!


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