Monday, December 21, 2009

Passengers vs. the Airline Industry

Wow, this administration did something I might actually agree with. MIGHT. We'll have to see how it plays out, though. There could be unforeseen consequences with this...

The government imposed a three-hour time limit on airplanes delayed on tarmacs. The airline industry countered that it will only result in more delayed and cancelled flights. Which, I can sort of understand that, BUT, I think the needs of passengers stuck on a metal tube without ample access to food, water, and proper facilities, especially for the elderly and those in poor health, are more pressing that those that have to wait longer for a flight in an airport.

But like I said, since I deal directly with the airline industry, it'll be interesting to see if it really benefits travelers overall. It may result in higher fares and more fees from airlines trying to offset the fines they will be charged if they break the three-hour limit. Airlines can come up with any reason at all to impose more fees, and if they don't like these new rules, they'll come up with some way to complain, most likely at the cost of their traveling customers. They used the rising gas prices as an excuse to hike fees, and those fees have not come down, even though gas prices have. So I wouldn't be surprised if they come up with some way to protest this decision.

But I do feel a little better about flying, now that there is less chance that I would be one of those poor people stuck in that traveling nightmare!


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