Friday, March 05, 2010

Another Letter on the Health Care Debate

This letter from the AUL (Americans United for Life) website lays out the abortion concern in the health care package much better than I could ever do with what I know just from debate on TV. Go here to send this letter to your Senators and Representatives:

Mar 5, 2010

Senator Claire McCaskill
Hart Senate Office Building, Room 717
Constitution Avenue and 2nd Street, NE
Washington, DC 20510-2507

Dear Senator McCaskill (and Todd Akin, and Kit Bond),

I am deeply concerned about the President's health care reform bill that will shortly be considered by the Congress. Under this version of reform, the federal government will have the power to require private insurance plans to include abortion coverage as a part of their package of "preventive care." This is a serious defect in the legislation. While it is true that the current version of reform states that certain federal funds cannot directly pay for those abortions that currently cannot be paid for by federal funds under the Hyde Amendment, that critical safeguard will become meaningless if the Hyde Amendment is ever eliminated. This is a very serious threat and grave concern given that supporters of abortion have identified the elimination of the Hyde Amendment as their highest legislative priority, and will no doubt take action to eliminate Hyde quickly if reform, as currently proposed is passed. Furthermore, this funding prohibition is narrowly written and would not apply to other funds in the bill, such as the 11 billion dollars authorized for "Community Health Centers." Those funds could be used to directly pay for abortions.

Also, under the current reform bill, subsidies to insurance plans that cover abortion will be the norm; individual states will have to pass new legislation to prevent subsidies from going to plans that cover abortions in their state. This requirement is a complete reversal of the long-established federal approach to abortion.

Inclusion of the Stupak Amendment is the only possible remedy to these serious problems. I urge you and your Congressional colleagues to address this matter by including the Stupak Amendment in health care reform legislation without delay.


Miss Kristin Weiland


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