Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Pink Post


I bet you guys were wondering what was taking me so long to do a Pink Post, huh?? Well I just couldn't narrow down what I wanted to do for pink, since I felt expectations were just so high!!! AGGHH!! Hee. Never mind.

I COULD just show a lot of yummy pink things...

But, I'll try to stay with a real topic... I know I've mused about this before with some of you, but in case I haven't... I have been pondering over phones lately, because I am eligible to get a new phone this month. This is the phone I have now:

So I kind of want to stay with the pink theme, and go with this phone next:

But the question is, do I want to pay for the higher service to have a BlackBerry? I think it would be cool to have one. But I don't NEED it so it's probably a waste of money. My provider, Verizon, just doesn't have a whole lot of options when it comes to cute, compact phones though, so I may go with it just because of that. I refuse to get another flip phone. Mine's a pain.

I guess it all depends on how much of an actual discount I'll get on the phone when that time comes around though. Maybe I can stay with my basic plan and just add internet for another $9.99... that would only be about $50 a month. Not too bad.

Oh and my birthday was this week.

Need to add 30 more candles to that (pink) cake... it's funny, I don't FEEL 31. That just seems old. I should be wearing a suit to work every day and living in a house and paying mortgage or something. But I don't. WHEEE! I feel like I'll be 25 forever. I'ma go have a pink donut. :)



Blogger Tracie said...

Oh Kristi. I expected so much MORE out of you when it came to the pink post. Sigh.

Just kidding! :)

Just FYI...I do love my Blackberry. But it made sense for me because I was getting the "Everything" plan and didn't have to worry about paying extra for the internet and the Blackberry service. Definitely something to think about. could just join us on the Dark Side and change to Sprint. ;)

8/07/2008 1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I carry one for work and switched from the 8830 to the new curve 8330.

Melikes. And the term "crackberry" does apply. so user beware! hehe

happy 31st!

back to my 40ish aching bones.

8/13/2008 4:16 PM  

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