Sunday, March 11, 2007

Post Trip Research

I was curious what those ruins in Lyon were of, so I did a bit of digging: Turns out they are the remains of the city when it was called Lugdunum, and it was the capital of the Gaul Empire 2,000 years ago. That amphitheatre that you see in my pictures is actually the oldest still in use in France. Pretty cool.

I found this recently-published article about Lyon and realized there is much more to experience there. I didn't see a single traboule (a medieval covered walkway designed to keep silk merchants sheltered from the elements) that Lyon is so famous for. I wasn't able to really appreciate the fact that it is regarded as the gastronomic capital of France, being sick. And of course that church on Fourvière hill... sigh. It's a bummer to have been to such a fascinating city and then realize what you missed when you get back. Two days wasn't nearly enough time to discover all that city has to offer. Well, neither was it sufficient time to discover Paris, either. I will just have to make a return visit sometime.



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