Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busy France Itinerary

We got our itinerary finally. It was chock-full of "hotel inspections," which basically means we just check out the hotels our clients could book themselves in, just to have a feel for the place. They show us the rooms, facilities, etc. But there were SO MANY hotels we were scheduled to see that we were worried we'd be overloaded, and not have enough time to see much else. This is the first time to Paris for most of us so they'll see if they can cut some of the hotel visits out so we can see some actual Paris sights. Some of these inspections include lunch or dinner though, so we won't be nixing those! For example, I'll be having lunch at a hotel by the Arc de Triomphe on our first day... that'll be sweet.

I also heard something about getting to take a river cruise of the Seine... awesome!!

And we get to take a train from Paris to Lyon. :) I love trains. I was happy to hear we were doing that instead of taking a flight.

Well I need to finish packing and go to bed early. If I get a chance at all I will visit this blog and post a note, but with our itinerary I think it might be difficult. I will try though!!



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