Thursday, September 23, 2004

Setting a Course for the Open Seas

Ok, so here we go. I named my blog "Open Seas" to reflect my love for travel and how I am currently studying to enter the field someday, so that I can have a way more interesting job than what I have now! So I can share with you little tidbits that I learn here and there along the way. (For example, did you ever know where the word "spa" comes from? It's a Latin acronym for Solus Per Aqua, which means "health through water." Cool, huh? Yeah. Uh. Ok.)

Maybe in the future this can become my "travelblog," if I ever DO get a job with an awesome travel company and they send me on what are called "fam trips," or familiarization trips. Seems like this would be a much better method to update folks at home, rather than sending long emails, which is what I did during my last trip. If this makes it that far, of course!

More likely though, this will be a description of mind wanderings, rather than actual wanderings! So anyways... feel free to come aboard and see what's going on in my world... or what I choose to share of it anyway... mwahaha... :)

Tonight in class we're talking about cruises... sorta nice to be talking about crystal blue waters, floating resorts, and school. I'll try not to daydream too much! :)



Blogger SpinKick said...

Hehe. Awesome! Spa thing WAS very interesting.

9/24/2004 7:53 AM  
Blogger Kristi said...

Good, cause I was thinking maybe I was the only one who didn't know that! :)

9/24/2004 8:30 AM  

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